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Anything Regarding Bots Belongs Here!

@Musashi I agree (for the most part) but I'm certain that their lifespan in RS has dwindled quite drastically.

Anything Regarding Bots Belongs Here!

Bots (as of right now on RS3) are crippled, you'll occasionally see Green Dragon bots at Brutal Greens though. From my understanding Robotz In Disguise will be making a come back shortly, we'll have to see how effective that comeback certainly is. I'm sure it will catch fire on the RSOF. OSRS is plagued, personally, I stick to EOC. Bonds are basically Jagex's counter towards RWT. Several members are actively using bonds, however, the price is too high to utilize them effectively for keys in my opinion (Treasure Hunter).

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RuneHints Official Clan

Adam, I'll be sure to PM you in-game, but perhaps promoting skilling competitions, because healthy competition brings us closer together as a body. Unfortunately I'm not experienced with graphic designs, so making competition winner banners wouldn't be possible for me to do necessarily. As well as tracking XP, however, I'd gladly fund a cash prize to the top three competitors, as well as give whomever a hand situation the event :)

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'RuneHints' Friends Chat

Thanks Gaogier! I meant to ask you what suggestions would you have in regards to promoting the new forums.

Araxxor, Twitch Integration and Lobby Update

I've never ran a PC/Laptop on Linux personally, but that's definitely a perk that Twitch linked to Runescape is a beneficial step towards your direction. Honestly, I think this was a smart decision on Jagex's behalf for promoting Twitch. At least I'll be preoccupied whilst training Divination now :P