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My name is Jez, I'm a 22 year old postgraduate student working in area of medical and computer sciences. You'll find me in W116 with my clan Spirits of Arianwyn. I like skilling, taking part in community events and meeting new people.

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Hi, I'm Max

Heya Max! Welcome :D

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Thanks! Will do! (long term goal :p)

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I'm Jez (ingame RSN: Plak). I'll begin by admitting I'm not actually a returning member but am new to your site! I heard about your refresh recently, then saw it mentioned again in today's community chronicle so thought I'd check you guys out and drop by to say hi. :)

I spend most of my in-game time skilling, PVM, socialising and attending community events. (Currently working towards 200m hunter xp + maxing!)

IRL I am 22, doing postgraduate research in the area of medical & computer sciences.

Nice to meet you all!

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