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Always Buying ~ Always Selling (Business)

I'm currently hiring people to help buy certain products! Inquire here or on the RuneScape thread!

Always Buying ~ Always Selling (Business)

Welcome to Always Buying ~ Always Selling

Just like the title says - we're Always Buying and we're Always Selling! And we'll buy anything and everything!

Feel free to contact us via Friend Chat: 

Ego Domino

 or this thread for price quotes!

How does it work? Let's say you've been training and you've made 5000 adamant knives. You can sell them fast to us for 15gp each, and use that money for something more constructive as well as not have "dead" product sitting in your bank! You may either use this thread or our ingame friend chat Ego Domino to contact us!

Wait... *Insert Product* are selling for *Insert Price* more on the Grand Exchange! Why should I sell to you? Unfortunately the Grand Exchange does not take into account "dead items." The price you see on the Grand Exchange is actually just the guideline price. And more than likely that price is grossly inaccurate to the actual value of what someone would actually pay for it.

What do you do with all this stuff you are buying? We play the waiting game. We're willing to wait to sell this to a buyer when and if they come along. You are more than welcome to buy product from us at any time - just ask one of our representatives for help!

This is also a Thread on the Official RuneScape Forum. Use QF Code: 201-202-326-65573025

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Hi guys!

Hey there everyone! I play on the main RuneScape game off and on. I'm usually on just to make some money from one of my money-making method (They're a secret! Shh!) on my account Ego Domino. Ego Domino is actually a rough Latin translation for "I am Master." But while on here you can call me by my old username, "Maggoteer"

I used to be part of RuneHints long ago (Hi Gaogier!) and thought I'd stop in to see what all was new. Man, things look different around here, but I like it! Good job on the site Gaogier!