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Find that Penguin!!! Every Thursday at 9PM

With yet another basically zero showing, I will no longer be bothering with this event as the community is not either.

If demand appears again then I would consider it again or someone else may be willing to take up the event.

Sorry to the 0 of you who enjoy the event.

Find that Penguin!!! Every Thursday at 9PM

With the lack of interest for this event, we will try and run this one more time next week (29th January 2015) and unless we actually get someone turn up i'm going to stop bothering with this. Other's will be welcome to pick it up if they want.

Christmas Advent Calendar!


Please offer top trumps to Kalkunklatten as I have still not even opened the one that we got in our bags at RuneFest.

I love the little things in life

I'm a noob so rely on Miscellania for my income so I kinda have to keep them sweet.

Find that Penguin!!! Every Thursday at 9PM

Due to some inconsiderate holiday this event will not be going ahead this week (25th December 2014) but will be back with a New Year Hunt on 1st January 2015 at the usual time of 21:00 GMT.