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Ports - Guardians of the World

New tier 85 weapons are going to be awesome.  I personally can't afford Noxious or Seismics, so this new wand and orb will be perfect for me. :)

Road to Max (Guild)

I'm the same way.  Trim is just ridiculous to get and I'd rather not waste that much time at Castle Wars.  Good luck with Max and Comp as well.

Membership Price Changes - 1st March 2015

As long as you don't lapse in your membership you should be fine.  This is only for new subscribers or those that have been unsubbed for a bit.

Forums and Website

The website and forums look very well done and professional.  I'm always more likely to enjoy posting and being part of a community when that community is pleasing to the eye.  It definitely helps attract people that get tired of horrible looking forums and websites.  Keep it up.

Road to Max (Guild)

Will you be going for Comp later as well? Or will you just be sticking with the Max cape?