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Completionist party today! (+10 year vet)

A few days ago I finished the requirements for the famed completionist cape and would like everyone who has a moment to come enjoy this momentous occasion. 

I will be hosting a Completionist party today on world 59, in the varrock center, at 8pm EST (1:00 AM Friday, GMT) which will also include my 10 year vetern cape accomplishment on this account :D

Hope to see you all there.

Road to Max (Guild)



Gravedigging a bit on this post, but how bout that spring cleaner update lol.

Maxing Party

Wish I would have seen this earlier, I would have maxed with you! Got mine yesterday morning.


The day has come, I have reached 99 in all skills. 4 Dungeoneering levels left till I can no longer get levels on my main account.

Next, I'll be finishing my quest, achievements, and the rest of the requirements for me to Comp Cape. 

I'll 10-Year cape in december, so I'm probably going to vet+comp then. Possibly have an event to kick it off.