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Road to Max (Guild)

Congratulations Das!


Welcome to RuneHints! =P

Road to Max (Guild)

Congrats! =D

Road to Max (Guild)

Awesome! Congrats! Time to prepare for the party =P

Signatures and Teamspeak!

Signatures and Teamspeak!

It's been a little quiet from us recently but we've been working on some cool features and improvements to RuneHints and we can talk to you about 2 of them today.


We've released phase 1 of our updates to signatures offering a few more choices of design and adding total level and exp to them as well. Some of the new designs include; Vorago, The World Wakes and Prifddinas! You can check out the new signatures by heading over to and creating yourself a signature. You could even show off your new signature on our forums or on your favourite forums by pasting the image url provided at the end of creation.


I am happy to announce that RuneHints now has a Teamspeak server! Yes, that means you can hop on and hang out with your friends, get help or just listen to everyone else chatting. You can join the conversations by downloading Teamspeak3, Bookmark our server: "".

Happy scaping! =)

Daniel and the RuneHints Team.