Rules & Guidelines

Here on RuneHints we are committed to providing the community with a safe and enjoyable experience. We have some great features on the site including our forums that allow our members to communicate and socialise with each other at their own free will, whether that we about the latest RuneScape game update, an upcoming event or something entirely off-topic.

We have great respect and trust in the RuneScape community as a whole and whilst most members will act in a civil manner without any assistance there are likely to be a few that will cause a fuss. It is therefore important that we highlight certain information and rules as a precautionary measure to help enforce our vision of a safe and enjoyable experience. Anyone who does not follow our rules and guidelines will be dealt with accordingly depending on the severity of the incident.

The list of rules and guidelines has been broken down into sections and can be found below.


We ask that you only use 1 account on the site. This helps us to manage the community easier and get a better representation of who is using the site as well as stops you from getting confused about which account you are logged in to. If you have forgotten the password to your account then please use the password reminder system.

We advise that you do not let anyone else use your account as you will be held responsible for any actions made while someone else is in control of your account. If you don't want someone to use your account on your computer we recommend that you log out of the site temporarily or lock your computer.


Using offensive words, phrases and acronyms in your account name is not allowed and you will be asked to change your username if this occurs. Similarly the use of "Mod" and "Admin" are also not allowed and you will again be asked to changed your name.

If you are unhappy with your current username then rather than create a new account you can request to have a name change using our assist system and one of our staff members will deal with your request.

Personal Details:

If you would like to share your social media profiles, gamertags or any other personal link with other members then that is at your own discretion and we are not responsible for anything that happens outside of RuneHints as a result of you sharing any personal links with others. Please take into consideration that you do not have to be logged in to view the forums or members profiles and therefore any information you share is publicly available.

We advise that you do not give out any personal details or information that could potentially be dangerous such as your postal address and phone number. If we see this information posted on the forums we will remove it for your own safety.

Anti-social Behaviour:

Spamming and unconstructive posts are frowned upon and do not benefit the community in any way and will both be dealt with, most likely resulting in an account warning or possibly an outright ban depending on the severity. If you cannot think of anything genuine to add to a discussion then we recommend that you refrain from posting and instead find a different discussion to take part in.

Offensive Behaviour:

Harassment towards another member or a group of people in the community is not acceptable. This includes racism, discrimination and intimidation and covers topics such as religion, ethnic origin, gender, age and sexual orientation. Any evidence of harassment will be dealt with very seriously and those involved will be severely punished.

When a personal message is reported administrators have the ability to review conversations between users. This is done for the purpose of protecting our users. This system will only be used when a complaint is made via our reporting systems, primarily the assist system. If you are not comfortable with this we advise you not use that system

There is no profanity filter on the site and we allow swearing as long as it's in the correct context. Swearing at another member is considered harassment and will be dealt with in a similar fashion to any other form of harassment. We ask that you control the amount of swearing you use on the site and take into consideration that there may be younger or more sensitive members among the community who could become easily offended by an excessive use of swearing or certain words.

External Content:

While our members are free to post almost any links to sites they want, there are some types of links we do not allow to be posted.

These are:

Any links posted directing members to any of the things listed above will be removed and action will be taken.


Copyright infringement is a serious issue and there are severe consequences for those who breach it including heavy fines. We therefore ask that any content you may post on our site has been created by yourself, you have obtained the correct rights to post the content or post a link to the source of the content.

Content posted that breaks copyright or is plagiarised will be removed from the site and the member involved will be contacted and dealt with appropriately.

Cookie Policy:

We use cookies on RuneHints to help enhance your user experience. By using our site you consent to us using cookies for internal tracking purposes. None of this data will be shared with any third parties and is stored on our own systems.