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Snowboarding & Tirannwn Task Set

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Wile ECoyote

Wile ECoyote

Rank: Community Team

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4 years ago

Explore the Elven Lands to complete the Tirannwn Task Set and enjoy some extreme snowboarding action, today in RuneScape.

Read of for full details!

Tirannwn Task Set

Members only

You must have completed Underground Pass to start the Tirannwn Task Set.

There are many other requirements for the individual Tasks.

Over 50 new elf-tastic Tasks are now yours to complete throughout Isafdar, the Underground Pass, the Poison Waste and Prifddinas itself.

Spanning four difficulty tiers, some are as simple entering Arandar Pass wearing Mourner gear or banking a shark in the Elf Camp, and others are as tough as reaching wave 15 in Gold or Platinum Rush of Blood or accessing the Max Guild. There's skilling and killing aplenty, and the Tasks are sure to keep you busy for some time.

The reward item for this Task Set is a RuneScape first: a quiver-slot item that's useful for all combat styles, and while skilling.

As you complete the Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite tiers, it'll grant increased damage against creatures local to Tirannwn, an expanding list of teleports, and loads of skilling and convenience boosts when worn.

There are permanent benefits to be earned too, such as a limestone buyer, daily free skilling materials, a chance to not use charges on your crystal weapons, and more. Of course - last but not least - there are hefty XP lamps too.

Have fun - and enjoy an elfy dose of traditional Task Set puns while you're at it!

Mod Maz
Queen of Squirrels

Festive Cheer - Snowboarding

Free players and members

The Queen of Snow's shown up in Lumbridge crater, with a frosty face at what should be a festive time. She's missing some rogue snow elementals, and needs you to follow her clues, find them and melt them down.

Once you've done that she'll reward you with a snowboard, which you can use to enjoy some winter sporting action.

To start, right-click the Queen to access the snowboarding ramp, then click the gnome jumpship to start snowboarding. Spend energy to perform tricks as you go down, collecting presents on the way - the better you do, the more rep points you'll earn. You'll also earn some festive cheer.

Rep points can be used to upgrade your snowboard visually across five tiers, so it looks cooler as you display it on your back. There are five tiers to upgrade through - and members can upgrade beyond that to unlock shark, snowman and skull designs.

There's also a grind ramp in Lumbridge crater, which you can slide and balance your way along for festive cheer and a small helping of Agility XP.

All of our Festive Cheer winter events are now open, and will stay available for the rest of December. Unlock all your awesome winter rewards, if you haven't already!

Mod Chris L


Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

  • Two new seasonal hiscores start today: Number of Deaths (excluding safe minigames) and Clue Scrolls Completed.
  • The following now reset at midnight UTC similar to other dailies:
    • Catherby pineapples
    • Catherby seaweed
    • Prifddinas crystal tree
  • The following now reset at Wednesday midnight UTC similar to other weeklies:
    • Free raw bacon/pouches
    • Tears of Guthix
    • Hanky points

Read the patch notes for other updates released today.

Wise Choice

Wise Choice

RSN: Wise Choice

Rank: Member

Posts: 88

4 years ago

I'm currently at the snowboarding place on world 82 if you wanna drop by!

Wise Choice.png?time=1417808852

Das Wanderer

Das Wanderer

RSN: Das Wanderer

Rank: Admin

Posts: 273

4 years ago

I've found some of the elf tasks to be a bit...

Well... annoying. I know some tasks are annoying but it feels like most of the easy ones are just a pain than fun.

I've not tried the snowboarding yet, it looks good.

The Wanderer.png



RSN: Schnee

Rank: Admin

Posts: 181

4 years ago

Snowboarding is great but tedious, so tedious >.<

Yet to have a crack at the task set, might find some time for that this evening :D 


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